Blue Ridge Free State Episode 1: Our Nerds in Washington

Blue Ridge Free State is a podcast about politics, culture, history and life in Appalachia.

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I’m your host, Mason Adams. I’ve covered communities in Appalachia since 2001. I’ve created or contributed to zines, newspapers, magazines, websites and radio, and now I’ve launched Blue Ridge Free State to amplify and inform my work. You can follow me on Twitter at @MasonAtoms.

In our first episode, we talk about why Donald Trump is campaigning in West Virginia. We also interview Amy Friedenberger, politics reporter for the Roanoke Times, about the 2018 midterm races in Appalachian Virginia.

Check out the episode here: 

In the episode, we talk about Donald Trump’s visit to Charleston, West Virginia, to stump for US Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey against incumbent US Sen. Joe Manchin. I mention writing about the race for the New Republic. You can find that story here.

I also interviewed Amy Friedenberger, politics reporter for the Roanoke Times. You can follow Amy on Twitter.

This episode features the music of Stations (Roanoke), Poe Mack (Roanoke) and, briefly, the Gordon Solie Motherfuckers (Cleveland).

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