8: One team, one goal (w/ Twin Valleys Roller Derby)

The NRV reunion pack, about the take the track during Virginia All-Stars versus the World. Photo by Mason Adams.

This episode is all about roller derby in Appalachia, through the lens of Twin Valleys Roller Derby in Roanoke. We visited their home finale double-header, with Twin Valleys Roller Derby versus Rail City Rollers and then Virginia All-Stars versus the World. Interviews with team skaters Black Bolt, Tar Hellion, Wedneslay Addams & Speed Junkie. We also talk to Arrak-kiss of Houston Roller Derby, Bettie Lockdown of the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes, and Slingin Gritz of  Carolina Wreckingballs Mens Roller Derby—all past NRV Rollergirls. Plus, Mason spiels about his own past as a derby ref.

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In the episode, Mason mentions a story about change on Salem Avenue in Roanoke that touches on punk and roller derby. Check that story out at Between Coasts. And if you’re into that, make sure to go back and check out our interview with Deanna Marcin in episode 4, which gets way into Roanoke’s LGBTQ history and the former Backstreet Cafe.

Music this episode was provided by Twilight Fauna, Poe Mack, and Stations.